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by Inspector on November 1, 2013

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Share large files between Android devices (phones, tablets) by using ‘WiFi’, ‘WiFi direct’ or ‘WiFi hotspot’. You can pair your Android devices using QR codes with the included QR code scanner or NFC. You do not need many clicks and manual approvals for pairing two Android devices to transfer files. SuperBeam makes file sharing convenient and fast. This intelligent app can select the best settings for large file transfer according to the device and android version.

To transfer files, SuperBeam can select one method from ‘WiFi direct’, ‘WiFi connection’ or ‘WiFi hotspot’ depending upon your mobile device and Android’s version. SuperBeam creates an access point using Android’s WiFi direct API’s. This essentially works like hotspot mode in old devices, but it is guaranteed to work on newer devices like Nexus 7. Moreover, this mode allows older devices to connect and receive files without having to support WiFi direct’s peer-to-peer connections. This mode is currently supported by Android versions 4.1 and greater. On older versions, SuperBeam will fallback to the older hotspot mode.


Plus Points

  • Share and transfer large files between Android devices using NFC or QR code scanning
  • Fast transfer speed because of direct WiFi connection
  • Switches to hotspot mode automatically for devices that doesn’t support WiFi direct
  • Can use existing WiFi network connection between devices in case WiFi direct fails
  • Share single or multiple files of any type (photos, videos, zip files, APK app files)
  • Works with all 3rd party file managers and photo galleries
  • Advanced settings available
  • Built-in QR code scanner

How to Use

Watch this video.

Use any file manager to select any file or select regular file (photo) and share it. In sharing menu select SuperBeam. It will provide you QR code that you should scan with other Android device by using SuperBeam QR scanner to start the transfer process. If second device does not have SuperBeam, then scanning the QR code from any barcode scanner will take other device to the Google Play store to download SuperBeam.

WiFi direct doesn’t play well with custom ROMs. For those users who are using custom Roms for Android, switch to hotspot (tethering) mode if WiFi direct is causing you issues. Open SuperBeam scanner. Tap options > settings. Tap Advanced settings > Preferred direct method. Choose Hotspot. Close SuperBeam and try sharing again.

All files that you transfer by using this app are stored under “sdcard/SuperBeam” directory. App will take care of duplicate file names and it won’t override files but will automatically add unique numbers to duplicate file names.


  • Best works for Android 4.0 or above version but can work on older versions by alternative method of transfer
  • Both devices should have SuperBeam app installed


  • If QR code scanner doesn’t work well in portrait mode, use the QR code scanner in landscape mode.


Android devices

Download SuperBeam

Download SuperBeam for Android

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