Over WiFi File Transfer and Sync for Windows Phone

Windows Phone

Share or transfer files between PC and Windows Phone or between two or more Windows Phones by using a WiFi connection through a web browser. Zune gives tough time in transferring data between Windows Phone and PC, at least its not user friendly for new owners of Windows Phone. Here are apps and ways to […]

Joiku WiFi File Share


Share and transfer Android photos and music from Android to PC (one way transfer) over WiFi. Joiku turns your Android device into a WiFi Media Server. You can transfer music and photos to laptops, PC, other smart devices and phones by using WiFi. Download shared files in laptop and PC by using your favorite web […]

Air Transfer

iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes

Air Transfer allows iOS7 (or above version of iOS) users to transfer or view files from Mac or Windows PC to your iPhone or iPad over the air. Drag and drop any file of a supported type onto the Air Transfer dashboard in your PC’s browser and it will appear on the Air Transfer app […]


iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes

iFunBox is a software for MAC and Windows PC to manage data on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) just like you do in Windows explorer. You can copy files, apps, music, ring tones, videos and more from PC to apple device and from Apple device to PC. You can install apps (ipa files) from PC […]


iPhone, iPod, iPad, iTunes

Manage iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad) data just like external drive’s data. iTools is a free software for Windows and MAC that allows you to transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, iBooks, apps, files from PC to Apple devices and from Apple devices to PC in a simple way of drag and drop. Its easy to take […]

Hardware, Software and System Information of Android Device


Get to know your smart device in detail. How do you select a smart device for you? May be by looking at the screen size, screen brightness, CPU, memory, mega pixels its camera can pull to take great shots? There are more to the details you should consider before purchasing your perfect smart device. When […]



TapPouch allows you to directly and securely transfer unlimited files and folders of any size from your Android phone to your friend’s Android phone that is connected to the same WiFi network. You do not need to login or give IP address to share files. Browse or search files and easily transfer audio, photo, video, […]

Kies Air


Manage your Android mobile device via your Internet browser from another smart device (mobile) or computer (desktop, laptop). Share videos, photos, music, messages, bookmarks, ringtones securely from phone wirelessly. Kies Air is an app designed for Android that enables you to easily manage all the contents on your smart device via PC internet or mobile […]

WiFi File Transfer


WiFi File Transfer is an Android app that acts like a web server or file explorer which lets you upload or download files to/from your smart phone, tablet or computer over a wireless connection. It has got easy-to-use web interface and you do not need USB cable to transfer files between different devices. Without using […]



Take complete control of your Android device via computer’s web browser. That means without USB cable you can access all functionality of Android smart phone from your regular computer over WiFi. That includes managing videos, music, ringtones, SMS, contacts and even apps from big screen of your computer. How about sending and receiving SMS messages […]