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Manage iDevice (iPhone, iPod, iPad) data just like external drive’s data. iTools is a free software for Windows and MAC that allows you to transfer photos, contacts, music, videos, iBooks, apps, files from PC to Apple devices and from Apple devices to PC in a simple way of drag and drop. Its easy to take backup of anything from Apple device. You can install apps from PC to iDevice. You can import, export apps, music, videos, iBooks and more easily.

This amazing tool is small and portable. You do not need to install it. On front screen it displays Apple device information (type, storage capacity, jailbreak status, device region, device warranty status, iOS version, and how much space has been used for several kind of data). Very nice information in proper managed way, right on the front screen – amazing!


Applications menu shows installed apps with size information. You can select apps to delete or you can install new apps. Give this tool an ipa file and it will install it in the device.

Media menu contains all the videos, podcasts, music videos, music files. You can create new playlist there and copy music from PC to device from there. Just drag music from PC and drop in the right side to copy. Import or export or delete media from there.

Photos menu shows the photos stored in your Apple device. You can import, export or delete photos from there.

iBooks menu shows all the eBooks in the device. Drag more e-books there from PC to copy these in device.

Storage contains raw storage. You can copy, paste or delete any kind of file from there.

Information menu contains contacts, messages, notes, bookmarks, calendar entries and call history.

Desktop menu is great. You can edit items of your Apple device directly from there.

File system contains all the files of your Apple device.

Advanced menu allows you to clean up device, view system logs, view crash logs and more.

Plus Points

  • Drag and drop files, photos, videos, music, iBooks, e-Books and apps
  • No need of iTunes to manage your Apple device
  • Install or update apps
  • Install apps by IPA files
  • Take data backups, restore backups
  • Create and manage playlists
  • Auto convert music video (while transferring) into compatible format to play on Apple device
  • Handy system tools and controls
  • Access file system and raw storage easily
  • By accessing system files, you can do a lot with the apps, games and iOS. For example you can unlock game levels that are locked or you can reset password of your Apple device. See iFunBox for an idea about how can it be achieved.

How to Use

Connect your Apple device with PC via USB cable and run iTools. If new version of iTool has been released, auto update process will start otherwise, iTool will open and present you with all the controls you need to manage data on your Apple device. Select data category from left panel and manage it from right panel.


  • iTunes should be installed in PC to use this software


MAC, Windows

Download iTools

For Windows PC

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