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iFunBox is a software for MAC and Windows PC to manage data on Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) just like you do in Windows explorer. You can copy files, apps, music, ring tones, videos and more from PC to apple device and from Apple device to PC. You can install apps (ipa files) from PC to mobile device. iFunBox makes iPhone or iPad just like an external disk drive. You can even reset password for your iPhone or iPad, if you have forgotten it. Apple device and its system files are secure but you can still access these system files by using iFunBox.


Plus Points

  • Copy (export/import) files, apps, music, videos from PC to Apple device and device to PC
  • install apps by using ipa files from PC
  • ipa, music, videos, ibooks backups
  • Use Apple device as an external storage by copying files in ‘file storage’
  • Portable software, no need to install
  • Reset iPhone, iPad or iPod password
  • Change carrier logo on your iPhone
  • Unlock locked levels of games. See this and this

How to Use

Connect the Apple device with PC via cable and open iFunBox. Browse several areas of your device from left and use ‘copy to PC’ and ‘copy from PC’ function or drag and drop files at the right side to manage files.


  • iTunes should be installed in PC to use this software
  • For MAC, Mac OS X 10.6+ is required


MAC, Windows


iFileExpress is an app for iPhone or iPad that can be used with iFunBox to transfer files instantly from PC to Apple device. You will have to install iFileExpress in your iPhone or iPad and then use iFunBox on PC. iFunBox creates a section under user ‘applications’ titled as ‘iFileExpress’ that can be used to drop files to make these files available on other device.

Download iFunBox

Download for Windows PC or MAC
Official Website

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