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by Inspector on November 1, 2013

in Android

In case your internet connection goes down or you are in the go and you do not have a proper internet access, but you have got your Android smartphone, you can turn your smart phone into a WiFi hotspot (via 3G, 4G or internet connection package from your mobile network company). WiFi hotspot will enable you to connect to your laptop to internet. Of course, you can use internet on your smart phone but not everybody is comfortable with that and lets consider that not everything can be done on a smartphone. So here are ways and apps to turn your Android smart phone into a WiFi hotspot.

Android Smartphones running Google Android above than 2.1, may not need any app to turn Android into a hotspot. There is an option in the Android that can be used to enable WiFi hotspot. This Android tethering process can be started by following instructions:

  • On the Home screen of Android, select “Applications”
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on “Wireless and Networks”
  • Select “tethering and portable hotspot”
  • Check the box with “Portable WiFi hotspot”
  • Select “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings”
  • Select “Configure Wi-Fi hotspot”
  • Type a name for this hotspot, select security settings (don’t use open)
  • Type a password and tap save button

Now you just configured a hotspot that will appear in your laptop wireless network connections. Select that and give the password to connect to that hotspot and you are good to go.

If you can not find this method to work or you don’t want to use it, then we have free apps to enable Wi-Fi hotspot from Android.

WiFi Hotspot Apps for Android

FoxFi (WiFi Tether w/o Root)
WiFi HotSpot / WiFi Tether
Portable Wi-Fi hotspot Free
Barnacle Wifi Tether
WiFi Tethering

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