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Take complete control of your Android device via computer’s web browser. That means without USB cable you can access all functionality of Android smart phone from your regular computer over WiFi. That includes managing videos, music, ringtones, SMS, contacts and even apps from big screen of your computer. How about sending and receiving SMS messages from computer’s desktop? How about installing apps from computer to phone or copying apk app files from phone to computer (apps backup)? Locate, lock or even wipe all data from a lost Android phone. Simply speaking, you can operate your smartphone from a PC over WiFi. Accessing Android device from desktop or laptop computer is an easy way to manage all the data on smartphone. It makes moving data from mobile to PC and PC to mobile very easy. This is a must have app for Android smart phone.

airdroid main screens

AirDroid lets you wirelessly manage Android from your favorite browser. No client or drivers are required on your computer. You just need to have AirDroid installed on your mobile phone. AirDroid is designed with the vision to bridge the gap between Android device and web browser, on desktop computers or tablet devices on Windows, Mac, IOS or Linux.

Plus Points

  • Send and receive SMS from your big-screen computer
  • Locate and lock Android phone if it’s lost or even wipe all data remotely
  • Move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android without any USB connector
  • Search and install apps on Android from desktop or laptop
  • Copy apps on Android from your computer
  • Take apps backup from phone to PC
  • Install apps from PC to phone by drag and drop apk files

How to Use AirDroid

Install AirDroid app on mobile phone from Google Play store. From your PC, signup for a free account on AirDroid website. Use the same account login information to sign in on your smartphone by using AirDroid app. From your desktop or laptop, open internet browser and go to this URL. Instead of login from AirDroid app on phone, you can just scan the QR code that official website offers after signup process and get your device connected to the computer browser over WiFi.

After you are logged in on your Android smartphone and on your computer browser, AirDroid will recognize your Android device and will present a really cool interface to manage your smart device remotely with out a connecting cable. You can drag and drop files or Android apps from PC to Android device or the other way around.

The AirDroid interface on phone is easy to understand and use. It shows the web address that you need to open from your computer browser. It also gives you the QR code scanner to connect to computer by using it. On the computer browser all the control is centralized and you can see few icons on the left and a control center on the right side. Control center shows you your mobile device information and present you with file, URL, clipboard and app icons.

To give you an idea, click on app icon and drag any apk file from PC to that area to transfer it to the phone. That app will be ready to install on your phone. You are now browsing and using your Android phone and its data on PC. Its really amazing app. I have been using it quite often to manage my Android phone.

On the left side you can see many icons as messages, call logs, account, apps, contacts, files, photos, screenshot, camera, find phone, ringtones and more. Click any icon to explore and manage its contents. Its just that easy. Find phone area shows you location of your phone on a map. It offers you to play sound on phone to locate it, lost mode to lock phone, wipe icon to wipe all data from phone remotely and more.

By using AirDroid, premium users can make calls from web browser. Premium users have also access to the remote camera feature, large files transfer and more. Further more this forum is dedicated to get the best out of AirDroid.

AirDroid Screenshots


  • Wifi Connection
  • Android version 2.1 or later


Android devices

Download AirDroid

Download AirDroid App for Android (7 MB)
AirDroid Official Website

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