WiFi Photo Transfer

Access and transfer your photos and videos securely from iPhone, iPod and iPad via (same) wifi from any computer or smart device by using a web browser. You can make the transfer secure by password protection so that only those users can view and download photos whom you share web address and … Continue reading

Wireless Transfer App

Transfer photo between Android devices and Windows PC over WiFi. You need to install 'Wireless transfer app' for smart phone and its 'computer client' for computer transfer while in case of smart phones, both phones should have this app installed. The app also allows batch transfer.… Continue reading

Droid NAS

Droid NAS allows you to share Android folders over a WiFi network, making your Android device visible as a Bonjour computer in Finder on your Mac PC (only MAC, Windows or Linux not supported). Turn your Android device to a wireless flash drive for MC PC with a single tap.… Continue reading